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Rockstar Games Launcher Out Now : GTA San Andreas Now Free

Rockstar Games officially announced its own launcher for the PC platform and there is a surprise for anyone who will download it.

The Rockstar Games launcher will replace the Social Club and it will be a great experience overall like other big stores, the launcher you can buy and download Rockstar games from it like Grand Theft Auto, LA Noire and Bully.

Also, the cool thing is that if you download this launcher via Rockstar Games and register for it, you will get a free version of the great game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is definitely worth it.

 Download this launcher via Rockstar Games
But the question is Why did the company now decide to launch the launcher for the PC platform and is this a hint that we'll see Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PC platform soon? Will The answer to this question, at least for now, is no but maybe in near future we gonna see more of Rockstar games at pc.

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