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Anthem Demo realsed in February

In addition of new games BioWare has announced that theres an new "VIP" Demo of her new game Anthem Will be upcoming on 1/February  at all platforms "PC,PS4 and Xbox One. Besides the demo announcement, BioWare also shared a whole new gameplay for Anthem. In “Our World, My Story” In the trailer we can see the deep story and the rich personalized look with the HQ game. Let's check out the trailer
The video gives us first looks at the main hub of Anthem, Fort Tarsis. A dense trader town where players can explore and take on missions from agents. Through these missions relationships gets deepened and personal stories of these agents are revealed. You’ll have the choice which agents to engage and who to avoid. Fort Tarsis may be a safe place but shady people also made themselves at home here.

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