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PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017 :Latest Review

 PlayStation at Paris Games Week 2017

We will inform to you all the news ,announcements ,games and anything you need to know about that conference in Paris.

The Last of Us Part II

It's awesome from Naughty Dog to do such fantastic work in the game this time ,they have released a new trailer for the game in Paris games week more exciting and much better and an amazing realistic graphics and a new show in the world of the game with the new characters, the story is some guys kill people and the people doesn't know who are they and other guys defeat themselves from them and the most fabulous part is the graphics in the game it's like you see a high quality movie .

Watch Trailer :-

God Of War

It's about "Kratos" the hero of the game kill he enemies with his new Frozen Axe and teach "Atreus" his son to fight beside his father and help him killing this monsters and the freaking creatures .

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Call of Duty: WWII

"Carentan" the new map and it will be only for those who will buy "Season Pass" ticket and it sames like the game graphics is fantastic and it will make a big success and it's officially announced the first DLC for the game "The Resistance" .

Call of Duty will be released officially in 3 Nov for (PC&Xbox One &PS4) .

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It explosive for PS4 about Spider Man the superhero from Marvels Movies and it shows a magnificence graphics just like Marvels massive movies and it will be released in 2018 without a specific time .

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Horizon Zero Dawn

It shows the new environment in the new expansion "The Frozen Wilds" and it looks amazing and shows some of the new gameplay .

the expansion will be released in 7 Nov 2017 only for 20$ .

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Destiny 2

It's an online multiplayer shooting video game about Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris Know More

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