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Steam Store Will Release [5000 Game] The Largest Number Ever


STEAM PC Store increases everyday for sure it's the largest Store ever which contains a lot of video games than any other store.

According to the Analyst  Daniel Ahmad at Niko Partners has said on his twitter 's personal account that the number of games that have been released this year have passed the released games in 2015.

2017 higher than 2015. Over 1,300 new games  since Steam Direct launched last June which had been replaced for Steam Greenlight which can allow developers to publish their games without approval from Valve the Store owner .

The total number of games this year will reach 5000 which will be the largest number ever for the first time, if the Steam keeps release games for this year, which means that is the higher number for the last 8 years between 2006 to 2014 which it is amazing thing .

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